No Other Media Has the Reach of Terrestrial Radio

Thanks to the ubiquity of radio — especially in cars — radio remains a medium with massive reach. In fact, it’s the medium with the most reach. By some estimates, up to 90 percent of the country tunes in every week.

Average radio listening time is around 17 hours per week. These hours are where you would expect: in cars and on the go. Radio’s always-on, no fuss no muss delivers a big audience — perfect for brands wanting to spread their message to local buyers

Local Radio Stations Are Important to the Communities They Serve

WMG only represents local community bred and community focused radio stations.

Local radio stations are an important source of local news and information in the communities they serve, but are also key sources for generating revenue for advertisers. We do not work with big, corporately owned radio.

In a recent study, Nielsen measured the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for marketers by linking radio listening data to the actual transactions of more than 125 million consumers and 80% of credit card holders. It found that radio’s average return for every dollar of ad investment was $10.

As part of that study, a local automotive dealership learned that among the people who heard its spots, one in 10 planned on purchasing a vehicle in the next 6 months. Meanwhile, their radio efforts increased dealer visits by 69.8% over the course of the 13-week campaign.

Another study found that 54 percent of time in cars bought between 2015 and 2017 was spent listening to AM/FM radio, compared with just 4.2 percent spent listening to in-car streaming. Interestingly, during a 35-minute commute, listeners changed the station 22 times.

Western Media Group’s Terrestrial Radio Properties

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