Comprehensive Out-of-Home Media Solutions

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With consumers increasingly using mobile phones outside the home, Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising provides the ideal opportunity to connect with mass audiences on the move.

Our portfolio of Out-of-Home properties fit a wide range of targeting and marketing objectives.

Whether you plan to target a broad demographic or a niche audience segment, we offer different contexts and environments to deliver your media planning objectives.

Benefits of OOH and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

  • Elevate awareness and credibility of your brand
  • Cut through with large-format and unexpected touchpoints
  • Build sustained awareness over time with a mass audience
  • Combine with other media to increase brand relevancy
  • Reinforce brand messages at or close to point-of-purchase
  • Immune to ad blockers
  • Leverage unique creative opportunities
  • Programmatic OOH offers more accurate targeting of audience segments

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Parkade Advertising

parkade advertising vancouver

Parkade advertising is an excellent opportunity for brand building and an ideal touchpoint in shopping and entertainment districts.

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Large Format Digital Suppliers

Large Format Digital OOH range rover

Our inventory of large format digital displays are available in BC and across Canada.

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Large Format Digital Programmatic Out-of-Home

Programmatic DOOH feature

Programmatic digital out-of-home combines the power of dynamic display ads with the targeting capabilities normally associated with online advertising.

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Neo-Traffic Shopping Centre Network

Shopping Mall advertising display network

Shopping mall advertising is effective at the point-of-purchase where 90% of visitors notice digital displays.

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Spark Mobile LED Event Displays

Spark LED mobile displays

Mobile digital displays can travel and be installed for long or short-term events. Fully programmable.

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Mobile Billboards and Truck Advertising

Highway Media Truck Advertising

Large format advertising on trucks is the biggest OOH opportunity to come along in a while.

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Gym Digital Display Network

Gym Digital Display Network By Western Media Group








We deliver “Generation Active” through a presence in over 750 fitness clubs in key markets across Canada. Consisting of digital TV and static frames reaching an engaged fitness audience, advertisers can utilize three types of creative: traditional Television or digital video creative; static imagery with total audio immersion; or static imagery with music overlay.

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Workplace Lobby and Elevator Digital Displays

Captivate Office Lobby and Elevator Media


We deliver up to 12,000 top-tier elevator and lobby displays located in 1,600 premier office buildings across North America.