Programmatic ad buying and selling has forever changed the way digital media buyers place and allocate advertising expenditures.

We are a Leading Provider of Programmatic Advertising Solutions

With programmatic advertising moving beyond static web banners and into sophisticated campaigns involving audio, video, OOH and personalized messaging, programmatic has earned its place as the top method of ad buying around the world. 

We Were an Early Adopter of Programmatic Buying

As one of the first Canadian media marketing firms to invest in programmatic partnerships and technology (often referred to as adtech), we have several years of experience executing hundreds of campaigns for agencies and advertisers.

To date our programmatic trading operations have executed nearly one billion impressions.

Programmatic has been so successful because of the industry’s shift to target users of mobile devices. We know that a typical user is engaged with multiple forms of content across multiple screens, often at the same time. Programmatic makes it possible to coordinate the delivery of campaign messaging so that the primary target is reached at multiple touchpoints, if possible.

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Programmatic trading is the preferred form of executing a media buy for numerous reasons:

  1. Advanced targeting allows advertisers to fine-tune audience selection by demographic, gender, geography, interest and by “custom audiences”
  2. Timing includes time of day to day of week or even recency
  3. Verified audiences provide advertisers with a high level of comfort that ads are being seen by humans

We offer several types of programmatic services and products.

Programmatic Audio

The recent popularity of programmatic audio is driven by three trends:

  1. Listening to music and news using a mobile device is growing.
  2. In-car technology offering streaming audio services such as Stingray and Spotify is moving in on the territory long occupied by AM/FM radio.
  3. The rapid adoption of “smart speakers” by Google, Apple and Amazon
  4. The continued rise of podcasts

These trends are driving new opportunities for advertisers. To tap into these audiences, brands look to programmatic audio by Western Media Group. We are able to dynamically insert audio ads into a podcast or other digital audio stream. The insertion happens when the desired audience is listening and other criteria are  met (price, time).

Learn more about Western Media Group’s programmatic audio offering.

Programmatic Display and Video

Programmatic solves the problem of hyper-fragmented audiences. Combined with the power of digital video, many agencies and brands view programmatic as a key driver of investments in digital video. As never before selected audiences can now be targeted, located and reached with a display or video ad.

Programmatic is highly effective at delivering crafted messages to the right targets.

In a recent study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), 44% said the share of digital video investments that would be bought programmatically would continue to grow in 2018, up from just 29% two years ago.

In health/beauty and retail, the ability to buy digital video programmatically was cited as the No. 1 factor contributing to an increase in digital video spend.

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We now offer programmatic advertising for podcasts.


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