Vancouver, British Columbia – June 12, 2018 – Western Media Group (WMG), one of Canada’s largest independent providers of digital audio advertising and marketing solutions, has expanded its SPARK Audience Platform to include direct and dynamic ad insertion in podcasts across Canada through a Western Canada representation agreement with The Podcast Exchange. “WMG is a pioneer in programmatic advertising, with years of experience in both display and audio. The addition of The Podcast Exchange’s inventory gives advertisers access to an even larger audience” said David St Laurent, President of Western Media Group. “It’s an ideal association for brand advertisers with TPX’s exclusive podcast audience, especially now that the category has matured to provide detailed metrics for our clients.” According […]


In my industry – media – things are more complicated than ever. It reminds me of Franz Kafka’s short story The Metamorphosis. But it’s a lot more manageable. I mean, what is worse than waking up as a beetle? The situation today is more like looking in the mirror only to see that your face is upside down. Over time you can get used to it. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. At first, looking at yourself upside down is almost impossible to deal with. You’re just so familiar with seeing things the right way. But after a while you learn to comb your hair down to up. It’s just really awkward at first. It is no secret that our […]