The CEO of Western Media Group talks about podcasting, digital marketing strategy and the benefits of local radio. The last time we talked, you were starting to lean into podcasting and streaming audio. That seems to have worked out well. Yes. Podcasting has been growing very quickly. And along with it, streaming audio. The entire streaming media segment continues to deliver solid results for advertisers. It has become somewhat of a cornerstone of digital marketing strategy. Read more…

Look What The Cat Dragged In To This Year’s Radio Budget Streaming audio is as old as the iPhone, but recent announcements from Google Home (and others) have created a new line item in the radio budgets of media buyers. “From what we saw in the UK and the United States, we knew [streaming audio] would be popular with agencies and advertisers. What we didn’t account for was the tremendous pent up demand waiting for the service. For brands looking to connect with Canadian consumers in every market, this feels like a whole new game,” says the CEO of Western Media Group, David St Laurent. "Voice is the new touch" – Pandora smart speaker listening up 282% | via @RainNewsRD […]

Digital Media: A Work in Progress

Upon reading the well-written article by Jeremy Zeleznock of Genesis Media, I feel the need to add some comments. The digital advertising industry is working hard to determine the metrics that work best. Viewability, completed views, impressions, inventory quality, click-through rate, clicks, conversions…digital is being held to very different standards from any other medium because it can and should be. Long gone are the days of ‘spray and pray’ media execution. When one is responsible for someone else’s budget one must ensure to deliver the most effective results possible with as little waste as possible. This is why attribution is the hottest topic right now. Although to many it feels like digital is mature and established, we must accept that […]