Western Media Group holds the exclusive Canadian license for Triton Digital’s Canadian inventory of programmatic audio assets.

Read the release (Nov 2016).

Western Media Group signed an exclusive partnership with Triton Digital to expand digital audio advertising in Canada.
The partnership brings programmatic buying and selling of online and mobile audio ads to Canada through Triton’s digital advertising exchange, a2x®.
As a leading Canadian supplier of independent cross-media solutions, WMG had teamed with Triton Digital®, a leading advertising technology provider for the global digital audio advertising industry. Western Media Group will operate Triton’s programmatic audio advertising exchange, a2x, in Canada.
a2x® enables the programmatic buying of targeted online and mobile audio ad inventory. The partnership allows media buyers and advertisers to scale campaigns across any number of Canadian and international publishers through a single exchange.
“For the first time in Canada, agency buyers and direct advertisers will have access to the significant reach and scale of online and mobile audio properties. With one-to-one delivery to listener-level targets, digital audio is a powerful compliment to other advertising channels.” — David St Laurent, President of Western Media Group.
The Western Media Group + Triton Digital agreement provides automated, exchange-based access to buy and sell listener-based advertising impressions. The ability to target audiences eliminates waste and results in high efficiencies for advertisers.
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