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Canada’s Largest Mobile Billboards

Make a huge statement. If you’re an advertiser in Toronto/GTA, Metro Vancouver, Alberta, The Pacific Northwest or eight other US states, you’ll want to consider Highway Media.

Combine the power of outdoor advertising with the impact of surprise and the affordability of a new alternative that is superior to transit.

Highway Media operates 400 trucks with more than 1000 square feet of blank moving canvas for your full colour graphics on 700+ sides.

“Highway Media is the most affordable mobile media available in Metro Vancouver”

Our trucks travel throughout Metro Vancouver:

  • Burnaby
  • Coquitlam
  • East Vancouver
  • Chilliwack
  • West Vancouver
  • Port Moody
  • North Vancouver
  • Surrey

heat map of truck advertising route

Now in Toronto/GTA, Metro Vancouver, Cascadia and Ten US States

Be king of the road. Place your massive moving message around the busiest streets and neighbourhoods of Cascadia, Metro Vancouver, Alberta, Toronto/GTA and ten US States. Perfect for consumer brands, business-to-business commercial and direct sales.

Selling something on a website or a store? Perfect. Use Highway Media to deliver customers and build your brand. Our trucks are in places other messages aren’t.

The Best Value Proposition on the Market

  1. The lowest cost alternative to transit advertising: $1 CPMs!
  2. Save up to $5,000 every month when compared to transit advertising
  3. You own the road – no one else competes with you when our trucks drive by
  4. We are exclusive to most roads in Metro Vancouver
  5. Our massive mobile billboards are a powerful messaging platform

Both sides of the trucks are wrapped for a total image area of 1,060 ft2 of image area – you’ll make a major impact!

The Most Affordable Mobile Media

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Advertising on truck downtown vancouver

Size Matters: Highway Media Is The King Of The Road

Comparing our mobile billboards to transit isn’t really fair to transit. That’s because we’re so much larger than anything transit has to offer.

Add that to our low cost and you’ve got a clear winner. At Highway Media, you get more surface area than anything transit has to offer: more than a full wrap. And much (much!) more than headliners or transit kings.

HIghway Media vs Transit and Billboards