Podcast Ads by Western Media Group include a vast array of audiences and programming - perfect for any advertiser large or small.

Podcast advertising is one of the most popular — and most effective — digital media buys. In fact, podcast advertising is so effective that the IAB says in its 2019 Podcast Ad Revenue report that podcast advertising revenues rose 53%.

Magna forecasts U.S. podcast advertising revenue will total $680 million this year, a 40% growth rate compared to 2018.

This revenue growth is no accident: in that last two years, one-quarter of Canadians 18+ now own a smart speaker, and 36% of Canadians 18+ are now monthly podcast listeners, according to Edison Research (May 2019).

Do you want to advertise in a podcast? You’ve come to the right place.

Podcast Advertising Solutions by Western Media Group

Western Media Group offer Canada’s widest selection of podcast advertising solutions. Whether you’re a media buying agency, direct brand or brand partner, we’ve got your podcast advertising needs covered.

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Reach the right audience with a Western Media Group Podcast Campaign

podcast advertising by western media group

One of the many strengths of podcast advertising is the ability to truly connect with your audience on a one-to-one basis.

Podcasts can be listened to directly from the internet – without the need for a standalone app.

Few other media are as immersive, personal and emotional as podcasts. Because ads are delivered inside of your audience’s favourite podcast, listeners develop a close connection with brands they have chosen to spend time with.

Western Media Group provides the full range of audience targeting. Connect with potential customers by selecting:

  • Age and Gender
  • Language (14 available in Canada)
  • Family Status (Moms/Dads/New Parents/Parents with Children)
  • Interests and Behaviours (four major categories)

Reach your target audience on any device, 24 hours per day or whenever they are listening. Many of our audio formats include a clickable digital display ad unit, giving you the ability to drive traffic to your website or landing page.

Stream away, your way

1. Play an audio ad between songs – have the host speak it or play a :30, :15 or :10 second audio file

2. Play a digital video ad between songs

3. Sponsor a playlist

4. Choose between 2000 audience segments – customize your ad for each

5. Capture data about listeners for use with future campaigns or other ad types

With our dynamic audio ad products, you can personalize your messaging and deliver it to a specific target based on:

  • location
  • weather
  • time of day
  • mood

Our Podcast Advertising Formats

We offer a wide range of podcast ad formats, including:

  • Sequential audio
  • Audio ads with digital display banners (300×250)
  • Mobile muted video
  • Sponsored playlists
  • Branded podcasts
  • Programmatic audio using private auction and preferred deal IDs

Podcast Media Buying Options

Western Media Group enables advertisers to buy podcast media by audience, ad format or podcast type. These are the podcast types we currently offer:

  • News and current events
  • Any show in Stitcher’s Top 100
  • Interview formats
  • Subscriber only podcasts
  • Documentary
  • True Crime

Podcast advertising has exploded. This growth is driven by exceptional ad characteristics, including the one-to-one delivery of commercial messaging and the personal connection offered by the medium.

David St Laurent, CEO, Western Media Group

Consider this recent research about podcast advertising:


4 in 10 agencies and marketers are now placing ads in podcasts.


22% of podcast listeners made a purchase because of a podcast ad.


Branded podcasts are 22% better than TV at engaging consumers who avoid ads (source).

Branded podcasts contribute to brand growth in a number of ways:

  • 89% higher awareness
  • 57% higher branded consideration
  • 24% higher brand favorability
  • 14% higher purchase intent

The rise of podcasts and online streaming — plus a wealth of listening devices — is causing droves of advertisers to re-evaluate audio in their marketing mix.


Podcasts affect trust: listeners trust the host of the podcast, and that halo effect benefits the brand.

Podcast ads touch the minds and memories of listeners…

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