The co-author of The Canadian Podcast Listener (CPL) Survey visited Vancouver today to share the results of the third annual survey of podcast listeners.

David St Laurent with Jeff Ulster, co-author of The Canadian Podcast LIstener Survey.

We have thousands of popular podcast titles and dozens of networks, with tens of millions of available ad impressions served across the country in multiple content verticals.

We offer advertisers a range of the most popular networks including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, CBS, Kast Media, Wondery and Viacom among others, with podcast titles that include 60 Minutes, Harmontown, 48 Hours, WSJ Journal Report, 2 Girls 1 Podcast, The Rachel Maddow Show, Fox Sports Radio Weekends and so much more.

Jeff Ulster is in Vancouver to present the findings contained in the full Canadian Podcast Listener Survey, which can be downloaded with a subscription here, or for free with an e-mail address here.

We present selected slides available from the free summary below.

Selected Slides from the Latest Canadian Podcast Listener Survey

Podcast listeners less likely to avoid podcast ads
Podcast listeners are affluent and educated
Engaged podcast listeners connect ads with support for their favourite podcasts
Podcast ads motivate action and build awareness

Activate Your First Campaign Today

There are three ways buyers can potentially activate campaigns in these marketplaces:

  • Geo-targeting – advertisers can target listeners by province, or buy nationally.
  • Category/Genre targeting – advertisers can run ads against specific content verticals, like Sports, Business, Entertainment, Comedy, True Crime and others.
  • Topic targeting – new technology enables some platforms to identify specific topics by episode (not just at the show level), based on what’s discussed within the episode.

In addition, advertisers are able to verify ad delivery with third-party tracking services like Google.

Attribution tracking is also easy to implement, allowing advertisers to measure the success of their campaigns.