The Agripod Podcast Featuring Alice McFarlane

In Canada, agriculture is big business. It is so big that it employs one out of eight Canadians and contributes a staggering $110 billion each year to the economy. It’s also growing at 11% per year.

Yet despite being the world’s third largest exporter of pork, the Canadian agriculture industry is not well understood.

Agripod seeks to change that.

As one of Canada’s leading solutions providers for Canadian podcast advertising, we are proud to partner with The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group on this new podcast, Agripod.

“By combining the power of podcasting with the demand for agriculture content, Agripod is the first podcast to tap into a large Canadian audience.”

Agripod by Western Media Group and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group is Canada's first podcast designed with the Canadian farmer in mind.

Hosted by one of Canada’s most respected and knowledgeable agriculture experts, the new Agripod Podcast is written and produced by Alice McFarlane. Alice has received seven journalism awards for her work in the field of agriculture, and her work and commitment to excellence is unrivalled in the field of agricultural podcast journalism.

Agripod Episode One with Alice McFarlane. Healthy relationships on the farm. Runtime: 26 minutes. This episode first aired June 4, 2020.
Agripod is available on every major podcast platform, including Google Play, Spotify and iTunes.
Agripod podcast with Alice McFarlane

Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available

We know how fast podcast sponsorships sell out. The fact is, podcasts are so popular with listeners that advertisers clamour to be part of a listener’s experience. Join Alice McFarlane every week for Canada’s biggest new podcast.

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Agripod Reaches Canada’s Farming Communities

Canadian Farmers have been a difficult audience to reach for advertisers. The few agricultural-related podcasts that exist are not targeted to Canadian Farmers; they are American-focused and have a very small audience in Canada.

Agripod will be the first strategic solution for Canadian brands looking to reach influential Canadian Agri target.

Advertising in the Agripod Podcast

Airing once weekly and archived forever, Agripod is a 30 minute Podcast addressing issues related to Canadian Farmers.

Topics are evergreen in nature to ensure long-lasting relevance for the advertiser and the Canadian Farmer.

Sponsors receive a “full-sell” 30 second message positioned adjacent to syndicated 30 second Agripod segments. These 30 second Agri-Pod Segments feature highlights of the most recent edition of Agripod.

Sponsorship messages are available to be played before, during and after each syndicated 30 second Agripod segment. We refer to these sponsorship opportunities as Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post Roll insertion. Please contact Jenny Goodman for more information.

About Our Host Alice McFarlane

Alice hosts the AgriPod Podcast once a week, providing the latest trends and information for Canadian Farmers interested in the staying up to date with available technology, crop sciences, finance and equipment. She covers the full range of complex issues facing Canadian farmers today, including succession planning, health issues, equipment, crop rotation best practices and technology.

Alice’s work has been recognized on a national and international level. She has received seven awards from the Canadian Farm Writers Federation and International Federation of Agriculture Journalists.

Alice McFarlane host of the new Agripod Podcast available on Spotify, ITunes and Google Play.

Combine Your Agripod Sponsorship with Radio

Our sponsors have the opportunity to take Agripod to broadcast Radio! Ask about our custom-built radio schedule on radio stations within a desired geography.

We have fifteen 30 second commercials available on Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Radio stations. Each 30 second commercial is placed adjacent to our 30 second Agripod segment. Solutions are customized for each sponsor, depending on the geographic market.

Great Sponsorship Opportunities Available Now

As a new podcast, the opportunities to sponsor this podcast won’t last long. Advertisers will capture the hearts and minds of audiences hungry to understand the complex topics and issues that affect the lives of so many Canadians.