Agripod Podcast Episode 4 – Innovation on the farm and Canada’s food security

The farming industry is constantly changing. New innovations are being developed to make farms more efficient. A research project involving a Saskatchewan consulting company and the University of Regina is looking for a way to reduce environmental impact and save money. Cory Willness of CropPro Consulting will talk about SWAT BOX, a data collection sensor and how information from it will be used to generate maps that will help farmers selectively apply herbicides

Everyone needs to eat. That’s why Canadians and Canada’s governments should not take farming and food for granted. That was the message from Kerri Holland with University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy who prepared a report on Canada’s Food Security. Holland says food security is vital and government policy must reflect the essential service agriculture provides for the country. She says there will be dire consequences if farmers don’t get the support they need.