We hosted a listening party with Vancouver media buyers to celebrate the first-ever Canadian Infinite Dial Research from Edison Research and Triton Digital. Hosted at our offices in downtown Vancouver, some of our best friends and colleagues got together to hear the SVP of Edison, Tom Webster, explain his firm’s new research about the digital audio market in Canada. Download the slides here. Media buyers from all around #vancouver are at our offices for the @edisonresearch listening party! pic.twitter.com/X9zmnogxN9 — Western Media Group (@westernmedia) April 4, 2018 The Infinite Dial is about to kick off (13 min) Narrated by the brilliant@webby2001 #infinitedial pic.twitter.com/FS9O5SNKk2 — Western Media Group (@westernmedia) April 4, 2018

Look what the cat dragged in to this year’s radio budget Streaming audio is as old as the iPhone, but recent announcements from Google Home (and others) have created a new line item in the radio budgets of media buyers. “From what we saw in the UK and the United States, we knew [streaming audio] would be popular with agencies and advertisers. What we didn’t account for was the tremendous pent up demand waiting for the service. For brands looking to connect with Canadian consumers in every market, this feels like a whole new game,” says the CEO of Western Media Group, David St Laurent. "Voice is the new touch" – Pandora smart speaker listening up 282% | via @RainNewsRD […]

Here are our latest tweets about programmatic:   'Programmatic stands for targeted': Q&A with BuzzFeed's research and insights vp | via @Digiday https://t.co/5Fb7miIwEj pic.twitter.com/eXgPrSsqSE — Western Media Group (@westernmedia) September 28, 2017 Great opportunity to get up to speed with programmatic ad trading. Join us for an IAB Canada course on Oct 27 #yvr https://t.co/j52tUJzETO pic.twitter.com/C22aK6KIXj — Western Media Group (@westernmedia) September 22, 2017 Programmatic audio: brands aren’t focusing on what’s now, they’re focusing on what’s next | via @martech_today https://t.co/nIZDPefBOz pic.twitter.com/WfIY591lWX — Western Media Group (@westernmedia) September 20, 2017 Programmatic audio is a perfect complement to terrestrial radio. This Hallowe'en give it a try | #programmatic https://t.co/nZthbapXoW pic.twitter.com/QXUjE2sd0r — Western Media Group (@westernmedia) September 6, 2017 Interview with David […]