We represent the leading provider of media in fitness centres across Canada and The United States. Through a presence in over 750 fitness clubs in key markets across Canada, Zoom Media delivers “Generation Active.” The FIT TV audience is a highly attractive demographic segment. 76% are 18-49 year olds indexing at 125 for College and University Education, along with an average household income of $115,000. This audience enjoys active pursuits, and are more likely to purchase big ticket travel, auto, entertainment and fashion, including the latest in electronics. Consisting of digital TV and static frames reaching an engaged fitness audience, advertisers can utilize three types of creative: traditional Television or digital video creative; static imagery with total audio immersion; or […]

We are the exclusive provider of digital elevator and lobby displays for Captivate Canada. Captivate delivers 12,000 top-tier elevator and lobby displays located in 1,600 premier office buildings across North America.    Captivate’s network of digital office building displays affords brands and their agencies with a touchpoint that extends and strengthens mobile marketing campaigns.   Western Media Group will represent all of Captivate’s inventory to Western Canadian advertising agencies and their clients. Read more about our agreement with Captivate here.     Through additional relationships with mobile location data providers, we are able to provide agencies with attribution and tracking data in connection with audiences exposed to campaigns running within the Captivate/Western Media Group network.

Large Format Programmatic DOOH

Western Media Group Announces Addition of Large Format Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home Across Canada Programmatic Access to Canada-Wide Network Expands Western Media Group’s Portfolio Of Out-of-Home Media VANCOUVER, British Columbia — February 15, 2018 — Western Media Group (WMG) one of Canada’s largest independent providers of digital advertising and marketing solutions, has expanded its portfolio of programmatic capabilities to include large format out-of-home across Canada. Western Media Group is the first media marketing firm in Canada to offer programmatic access to a suite of online display, digital audio and a coast-to-coast network of large digital displays. “We are pioneers in programmatic advertising and have years of experience in Out-of-Home. The addition of this national network of large format digital OOH inventory […]

Programmatic Audio

PROGRAMMATIC DIGITAL AUDIO Western Media Group holds the exclusive Canadian license for Triton Digital’s Canadian inventory of programmatic audio assets. Read the release (Nov 2016). Western Media Group signed an exclusive partnership with Triton Digital to expand digital audio advertising in Canada. The partnership brings programmatic buying and selling of online and mobile audio ads to Canada through Triton’s digital advertising exchange, a2x®. As a leading Canadian supplier of independent cross-media solutions, WMG had teamed with Triton Digital®, a leading advertising technology provider for the global digital audio advertising industry. Western Media Group will operate Triton’s programmatic audio advertising exchange, a2x, in Canada. a2x® enables the programmatic buying of targeted online and mobile audio ad inventory. The partnership allows media buyers and advertisers […]

Acuity Ads

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SUPPLIER: NATIONAL SHOPPING NETWORK NEO-TRAFFIC Neo-traffic is #1 in Canadian shopping centres Access to digital signage, static signage, speciality media (such as customized decals) and experiential marketing in over 121 malls across the country 87.6% of Canadians visited a shopping centre in the last four weeks (PMB 2011), average visit is 72.6 minutes (ICSC) and 90% of mall visitors notice the Neo-Traffic screens (IPSOS 2011) Read our Neo Traffic Press Release