We have an advertising services agreement with The Canucks Sports & Entertainment Group.

Our exclusive agreement gives us access to available digital advertising inventory owned and licensed by The Canucks.

The agreement does not include team partnership advertising inventory already licensed by other parties.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for many businesses. Like never before, British Columbians are consuming the latest sports information online and engaging with their favourite sports teams directly. Now we can offer small and medium sized businesses the advantage of being associated with one of BC’s most loved brands: The Vancouver Canucks. This agreement will provide many BC brands with an opportunity to communicate their message directly to Vancouver Canucks fans.” said David St Laurent, CEO of Western Media Group.

Through its partnerships and relationships with local and national advertising agencies, Western Media Group will place advertising creative – images, text and video – on digital properties licensed by The Canucks.

The advertising sales agreement between Western Media Group and The Vancouver Canucks commences immediately.

Western Media Group is Western Canada’s largest provider of independent media solutions. Spanning programmatic digital, audio, television, radio, search, and out-of-home media, Western Media Group provides advertising agencies and direct advertisers access to a broad inventory of media properties on an on-demand and scheduled basis. A continuous innovator, Western Media Group continues to expand into new digital media offerings while seeking opportunities in traditional media around North America.

Please visit us at www.westernmediagroup.ca or on Twitter at @westernmedia.

For more information:
David St. Laurent
President, Western Media Group Sales Company Inc.
(604) 736-6628