We are Western Media Group (WMG), an independent team of talented media professionals serving advertisers and advertising agencies. We help our clients execute digital and traditional media campaigns in markets across Canada. Locally owned, our independence is our super power. Our independence makes us fast, flexible and allows us to tailor our solutions to reflect the local markets in which our clients operate. Are you our next Sales and Marketing Support Coordinator? Your Mandate: To support the sales and marketing efforts of our customer account leads to deliver on customers’ requirements and goals with excellence. What’s in it for you? You will be on the front line of the business, supporting the growth of our digital marketing and media division. […]

Ahead of the Holiday Shopping Season, Advertisers Have Exclusive Access to Shopping Centre, Parkade, Fitness Centres, Office Towers and Elevators VANCOUVER, BC – November 7, 2018 – Western Media Group (WMG), a leading Canadian supplier of independent cross-media solutions, announces a key addition to its portfolio of place-based-media solutions. Today, Western Media Group is pleased to welcome the Neo-Traffic Shopping Network to its family of place-based media properties available to advertisers in Alberta. The Neo-Traffic shopping centre network reaches 87% of Canadians who visit shopping centres each month. Neo-Traffic is the newest addition to a strong slate of out-of-home media properties represented by Western Media Group. Neo-Traffic joins Western Media Group’s portfolio of place-based media solutions that include fitness centre […]

Alberta’s YL Country 94.9 FM is Rebranded to RIVER COUNTRY VANCOUVER, BC – November 3, 2018 – Western Media Group (“WMG”), the Canadian supplier of trusted independent media solutions, is pleased to announce that River Country is the new name of YL Country. Broadcasting at 94.9 FM in the Peace River region of Alberta, River Country is the largest terrestrial radio operator in Northern Alberta. River Country will retain its CKYL call letters. “River Country represents one of Canada’s best opportunities for advertisers. It has a massive coverage footprint that spans from the BC Alberta border throughout the entire Peace Region of Alberta – and includes RDS so listeners can see the artist and song titles in their vehicles. This […]

Western Media Group Expands Media Portfolio Through Agreement with Leading Location-Based Elevator and Office Lobby Digital Network Exclusive Agreement with Captivate Media Inc. Includes Vast Network of Office Tower Digital Elevator and Lobby Screens VANCOUVER, BC – OCTOBER 15, 2018 – Western Media Group (“WMG”), the Canadian supplier of trusted independent media solutions, has entered into an exclusive agreement with Captivate Canada (“Captivate”), a leading provider of Digital Elevator and Lobby displays in commercial real estate properties in key Canadian and United States centres. Western Media Group will represent all of Captivate’s inventory to Western Canadian advertising agencies and their clients. Captivate delivers 12,000 top-tier elevator and lobby displays located in 1,600 premier office buildings across North America. “If you […]

Exclusive Agreement With ZOOM Media Group Encompasses Fitness Centres Across Canada VANCOUVER, BC – October 2, 2018 – Western Media Group (WMG), a leading Canadian supplier of independent cross-media solutions, has entered into an exclusive agreement with ZOOM Media, the leading provider of media in fitness centres across Canada and The United States. Western Media Group will represent all of ZOOM’s inventory to Western Canada advertisers and their agencies. Zoom Media delivers “Generation Active” through Fit TV and a presence in over 750 fitness clubs in key markets across Canada. Consisting of digital TV and static frames reaching an engaged fitness audience, advertisers can utilize three types of creative: traditional Television or digital video creative; static imagery with total audio […]

Daniel Limawan Joins Western Media Group As Director, Marketing And Research VANCOUVER, BC – AUGUST 24, 2018 – Western Media Group (WMG), a leading Canadian supplier of independent cross-media solutions, is pleased to announce that Mr. Daniel Limawan has joined the company as Director, Marketing and Research. Formerly the Local Research Manager at Corus Global Television, Mr. Limawan has more than a decade of experience providing strategic marketing support to agencies and business owners. With a focus on cutting through the myriad of available data, Daniel’s goal is to make better and more strategic decisions on all aspects related to campaign execution. Daniel also has extensive experience working in production with local and national news content and strategy. “An effective […]

  Western Media Group Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us… From our humble beginnings in 2008, we have grown into one of Canada’s leading independent media marketing and representation firms. What a decade it’s been! In 2008, there was no such thing as programmatic — much less programmatic audio and programmatic out-of-home — and now we are leaders in both of these exciting areas. But enough about us. Let’s take a look at some of the people who helped to shape our company into what it is today. We thought it would be fun to hear from some of the wonderful people who have helped us along the way. These are people who started […]

  Vancouver, British Columbia – June 12, 2018 – Western Media Group (WMG), one of Canada’s largest independent providers of digital audio advertising and marketing solutions, has expanded its SPARK Audience Platform to include direct and dynamic ad insertion in podcasts across Canada through a Western Canada representation agreement with The Podcast Exchange. “WMG is a pioneer in programmatic advertising, with years of experience in both display and audio. The addition of The Podcast Exchange’s inventory gives advertisers access to an even larger audience” said David St Laurent, President of Western Media Group. “It’s an ideal association for brand advertisers with TPX’s exclusive podcast audience, especially now that the category has matured to provide detailed metrics for our clients.” According […]