We hosted a listening party with Vancouver media buyers to celebrate the first-ever Canadian Infinite Dial Research from Edison Research and Triton Digital. Hosted at our offices in downtown Vancouver, some of our best friends and colleagues got together to hear the SVP of Edison, Tom Webster, explain his firm’s new research about the digital audio market in Canada. Download the slides here. Media buyers from all around #vancouver are at our offices for the @edisonresearch listening party! pic.twitter.com/X9zmnogxN9 — Western Media Group (@westernmedia) April 4, 2018 The Infinite Dial is about to kick off (13 min) Narrated by the brilliant@webby2001 #infinitedial pic.twitter.com/FS9O5SNKk2 — Western Media Group (@westernmedia) April 4, 2018

During a conference call last week, someone asked if it would be possible to run their YouTube ads on television. Specifically she wanted to run an ad on 60 Minutes. Interesting question. Let’s look into that. But first — if you don’t mind me asking — why in the world would you want to run your YouTube ad on Television? “Lots of reasons. Before I got here we used to do television. Then we tried YouTube. It was cheaper. Times were tough. But people don’t remember seeing the YouTube ads as much as they remember TV ads. The thing now is that management is telling me that TV worked a lot better. So we may do both. So, how do […]